Why Big Oil Conquered the World

Why Big Oil Conquered the World

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Big Oil is up to something, and it’s going to be epic. The 20th Century was all about oil. Virtually every aspect of our modern lifestyle and the world as we know it has been shaped by the oil industry. Some people believe that we have now reached the end of this dependency, but some experts beg to differ.

When the masses identified the destructive grip that the oil industry has on the planet and governments started taking steps to save Earth, many celebrated. They honestly believed that Big Oil was losing its power.  They failed to realize that the families behind the oil industry never cared about oil— they wanted control. These very same people are at the lead of this push for the post-carbon era and seek to bring in a new international order that will complete their plan and make their power unquestionable.

In 1963, John D. Rockefeller III arrived in India on a mission. Armed with the wealth, power, and influence that his family name bestowed on him, his objective was to deal with the overpopulation problem. He was a member of the Population Council, a group he founded in 1952 to address the problem in Dhaka and other parts of the world.

On the surface, this organization was interested in supporting medical and scientific research regarding overpopulation. But the truth was that they wanted to ensure that only parents who were above average in intelligence, quality of personality, and affection would have larger families. This idea was taken from the American Eugenics Movement; in fact, the Population Council was the Eugenics Movement under another name.

Eugenics claimed the power to decide who was fit to breed and who was too poor to pass on genes. They aimed to create a superior human being by eradicating what they believe to be the ‘inferior’ social, racial, and ethnic classes.

The Eugenics Movement used terms like ‘feeblemindedness’ to describe poverty or criminality and believed that these characteristics were passed on by ‘defective germ plasm.’

These ideas allowed large-scale social engineering that included politicians, authors, journalists, educators, clergy, and economists. They wanted the ‘defectives’ to be isolated, and some even suggested that everybody appear before a panel to justify their existence.

This documentary explores what the ‘oiligarchs’ really want and how they plan to achieve it.

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