A Life in Japan

A Life in Japan

80 minutes 6.47/10 based on 32 votes

Documentary. Japan through foreign eyes. Interviews with nineteen foreign residents in Japan. Personal experiences and opinions, both the good and the bad stuff.

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in Japan?  This is the story of men and women who dropped their lives back home and set up shop in Japan. Some people found new lives and others found loneliness and alienation. Rather than an objective overview of life in Japan we see this special country through the stories of individuals that have lived there for a few months or even several decades.

What others have said about the documentary:

“[…] I think that ‘A Life in Japan’ would be most useful for people who are considering moving here from abroad, or for Japanese who might be interested in getting a fresh perspective on their own country […]. I would happily recommend it to anyone who is curious about life in Japan, or perhaps even as an educational tool.”

— Michael Lambe

“I watched ‘in solidarity’ at home from here in L.A. I lived in Kyoto from ’78 to ’86 and must say it brought back so many memories. I found myself agreeing with so much of what was said, remembering my own experiences. Beautiful images, and really nicely edited. Thanks for making it available.”

— Ed Shorer

For more background on the film, please visit alifeinjapan.com.

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6.47/10 (32 votes)

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