Zeitgeist: Addendum

Zeitgeist: Addendum

120 minutes 5.74/10 based on 27 votes

Zeitgeist Addendum is the follow-up to the widely popular film “Zeitgeist.” The movie focuses on topics of social distortion and corruption.

Refreshingly, Zeitgeist Addendum offers up solutions. Worth watching. John Perkins’ work – the Economic Hit-Man’ of the NYT, is a central influencer on this film. Also, the Venus Project is explored in depth. The Venus Project exists to help design social change.


“Director Peter Joseph demonstrates the ability to take risky subject matter and turn it into a visually, emotionally, and intellectually compelling case for a greater point of view.”

The movie has been seen millions of times online and in theaters around the world.

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5.74/10 (27 votes)

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8 responses to “Zeitgeist: Addendum”

  1. Deimos says:

    Don’t be fooled people. These Zeitgeist films are complete rubbish!!

    • Coalition says:

      On what basis may I ask, considering you gave no reasoning behind why this is “rubbish” i’m sure no-one (at-least in this community) would take your opinion seriously.

  2. videoeyes says:

    Don’t be fooled by stupid rubbish comments people. These Zeitgeist films are complete in there efforts, to make you think, they give you facts, for you to see and help you educate yourself, Its all fact….^V^!!!

  3. Tobi says:

    Yes,—as videoeyes says: “(…) it’s all fact”. If you don’t ‘believe’: then do some research for yourself.

    Really worth watching this doc’ if you care about something.


    This is superb. He does prove that the system, all human monetary systems are and have always been inherently corrupt. Watch this people. Do you really want to live under the shadow of corruption your entire lives??? And, Canadians, pull your head from the sand or snow because you did not dodge this with clever bankers. Your system is just as corrupt as the one south of you.

  5. not convinced says:

    hard to trust a doco when it seems so damn biased it hurts. i’d like more details, rather than weak statements about the possible technologies that may occur in the future. i agree with the banking system, but a resourced based economy? come on… also the human nature argument is outrageous, it comes down to the old argument of nature vs nurture. theres no way you can say that nature does not play a part and its solely nurture, so if theres no scarcity there still wont be fucked up people in the world. im in favour of a fixing the monetary system, or another suitable system that isnt so radical. even if things are bad, going to an extreme measure is never the solution.

    • Penseur says:

      Bear in mind that the only thing that makes the proposed solution such an ‘extreme measure’ is that its implementation would do away with the very monetary system that we are currently using. Its for the same reason that most people in the urban world have heard the term ‘anarchy’ but few have heard the term ‘stateism’. The implication is that statism with all its hallmarks is the universal norm as with a monetary-based economy. Honestly, I think either can work. One will have certain side effects while the other will have other side effects. Since we are implementing the monetary system now, we already are well aware of its side effects. We can also make educated guesses about the side effects of other feasible unimplemented ideas. Until we try them though, we will never know which is preferable. The real riddle of the resource based economy is how it can be initiated. Its maintenance is very easily imaginable but its initiation, especially when switching from a monetary-based economy, is a real riddle. Just because America goes off the ‘grid’ does not mean other nations will follow suit.

  6. TruthHurts2013 says:

    Liberal / socialist propaganda crap. This programme shows the truth, the way things really are in the world. It should be obvious that this video is the truth. However things like the Venus Project is just liberal / socialist ‘wishful thinking’. The argument about Human Nature vs Human Behaviour is ridiculous. Humans are horrible, greedy, violent and selfish beings. Always were and always will be. So what videos like this really should be saying is what I believe – I WANT ‘IN’. If you can’t beat them then join them. I want to be a multi-billionaire in charge of multi-national corporations exploiting all those who have not woken up to the realities of life on Earth. Let me have my sweat shops, let me have my wars for profit. In reality I’m a nobody – poor and insignificant. But what programmes like this show is that you either join the ‘game’ or be destroyed by it. I want to be part of the ‘so called’ 1%. Of course that will never happen but the desire is there. Why? Because I know which side of my bread is buttered. If the Venus Project was to be implemented then there would still be theft and murder. If we take away money and everyone has everything they need then with increased population scarcity will still increase which will then cause crime where people still desire what someone else has got – whether there is a monetary value to the product or industry. ‘Wishful thinking’ will never solve anythng. So if you can’t beat them (which you can’t) …. then join them. I WANT IN. This Zeitgeist programmes don’t deter me, they inspire me. And if you are one of those silly Liberals who are shouting “How can you possible say this” … then why not work for me? Let me profit from your stupidity. Life is short, life is brutal …. I don’t have time for Liberal / Socialist fantasies. It’s not nice, I know, but it’s the reality of this planet and our hideous species. SHOW ME THE MONEY – LET ME IN. Have a nice day.

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