Zeitgeist: Addendum

Zeitgeist: Addendum

120 minutes 7.9/10 based on 27 votes

Zeitgeist Addendum is the follow-up to the widely popular film “Zeitgeist.” The movie focuses on topics of social distortion and corruption.

Refreshingly, Zeitgeist Addendum offers up solutions. Worth watching. John Perkins’ work – the Economic Hit-Man’ of the NYT, is a central influencer on this film. Also, the Venus Project is explored in depth. The Venus Project exists to help design social change.


“Director Peter Joseph demonstrates the ability to take risky subject matter and turn it into a visually, emotionally, and intellectually compelling case for a greater point of view.”

The movie has been seen millions of times online and in theaters around the world.

GD Star Rating
Rating: 7.9/10 based on 27 votes

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