73 Cows

73 Cows

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Over time as we mature, our beliefs change. This is exactly what happened to Jay Wilde. He grew up on a farm and played with cows for as long as he could remember. His grandfather was an engineer and as a young boy, Jay’s ambition was to follow his grandfather’s footsteps and work at Rolls Rhoyce. That dream didn’t pan out, however, and so Jay adapted the lifestyle of his own father who operated a farm.

From a young age Jay started to develop an uneasy feeling regarding the way in which animals are treated on a farm. It also bothered him that they were slaughtered for eating. He realized that the animals have personalities and they experience the world too. It was hard for him to disconnect in order to get the job done because he kept seeing them as individuals.

Katja went to work on Bradley Nook Farm for two months when she was just a student trying to learn English.  She met Jay there and he expressed to her his uneasiness regarding slaughtering animals; he felt like he was betraying them. He convinced Katja to stay with him and to build something new together.

Katja agreed and left behind city life to go and live on the farm. However time went by and they were unable to change things because it was a lot more complicated than they had imagined. The tension was overwhelming and she had to watch her husband suffer because of what he needed to do as a cattle farmer.

Eventually they decided to go into vegan organic farming and stop cattle farming. But then that brought up the issue of the cows. What do you do with 73 cows after you decide to change your farm radically? Watch this thought-provoking short film now.

Winner of the 2019 BAFTA Award for Best Short Film!

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9.37/10 (87 votes)

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