Inside Japan’s Nuclear Meltdown

Inside Japan’s Nuclear Meltdown

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Inside Japan’s Nuclear Meltdown is a brand new documentary by PBS that looks at Japan’s Nuclear fallout following the March, 2011 9.0 Earthquake that rocked the coastline and provoked a devastating Tsunami.  PBS revisits the devastated country a year later and interviews the survivors and witnesses. THIS IS THEIR STORY

Japan is new stranger to Nuclear Fallouts. After all, this is the country that first tasted the might and horror of the Atomic Bomb.  When the earthquake hit, Japan had 55 nuclear reactors that accounted for 30% of all electricity in the country.  Now, Japanese are scared about possible side effects from the reactors. The earthquake did not result in too much nuclear damage – but the risk is there. Can Japan live without Nuclear Energy? Can they live without it?

This documentary was released at the end of February, 2012 and shows the aftermath from that terrible natural disaster.

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7.11/10 (19 votes)

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