Confessions of an Innocent Man

Confessions of an Innocent Man

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This take-no-prisoners (please excuse the pun) exposé of William Sampson’s time in a Saudi Arabia prison looks at the most jarring aspect of his treatment: he is clearly innocent.

Sampson was a North American business man who moved to Saudi Arabia as a consultant.  Suddenly, he was arrested and charged with carrying out an extremely violent bombing. Of course, this was the first he had even heard of this attack. The prosecution presented zero evidence. He was found guilty. After three years of torture, Sampson was then sentenced to death. Being a Canadian citizen did not help: the Canadian government did not protest his treatment.

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6.29/10 (56 votes)

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11 responses to “Confessions of an Innocent Man”

  1. brian noogs says:

    i dont know whats sadder the fact that he went thru all that or the fact that both Canada and England turned there backs on him and allowed it to happen…and the most sickening thing is they blocked him from retribution…
    a Saudi millionaire funds a terror group,and almost all the perpetrators of 911 where Saudis and we attack Afghanistan…to much evil comes from oil

    • Skeptik says:

      That doesn’t make much sense, The Saudi’s have far more oil than Iraq or Iran and Afghanistan has almost none. If the Americans were fighting for oil why would they attack Saddam but leave Kuwait alone? Don’t get me wrong, oil had a small part to play in the war on Iraq but there was so much more than just oil.

  2. Seraphim says:

    I’m proud to be Canadian, but even I know that my country manages to fail at bringing its foreign prisoners (Guilty or not) home.

  3. irene87 says:

    • 5 months ago

    i dont know whats sadder the fact that he went thru all that or the fact that both Canada and England turned there backs on him and allowed it to happen…and the most sickening thing is they blocked him from retributioni i agree…i

  4. irene87 says:

    its unfortunately almost always thus-
    money and money equals minus justice
    Feel very sympathatic with this victim and despise all tzhese people that always are and always will be COMPLICIT WITH THE TORTURERS of this world
    And the more people are informed the less they care about other ‘s sufferings it almost seems

  5. peee says:

    this prospect terrifies me keeps reminding me that people find excuses to do terrible things you may not know this but the crime of stealing in saudi arabia is death in front of the entire religious audience simply because it was written in a book by a person who wanted to control people

  6. King Steve says:

    What utter Scum those Saudis are – they produce nothing,they have made no contribution to mankind or produced anything of worth to their fellow man,all they do Is lie and torture and SHIT on the nations who aid them. Typical backward Muslim scum. What will they do In 20 years when the oil runs out? THEY’LL COME TO THE UK AND SIGN ON THE FUCKING DOLE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE! Saudis fuck pigs then eat the raw pork, like ALL hypocrite Muslims.

  7. Fred says:

    Steve King is a filthy racist. You do your nation proud.

  8. MJ says:

    As a saudi citizen, I truly believe westerns especially Americans or britons are treated better than Saudis in every aspects, whether guilty or not. The whole case in this documentary stinks, not to mention the way saudi treated and still treat those westerns as if they were in their home country by making bars and alcohol available to them but not to locals. To date, it is still so relatively easy for westerns to get paid more in saudi compared to any gulf country. For his countries not intervening, says a lot about this guy activities in the kingdom (saudi is not thailand). I truly suspect he was up to no good in saudi, n his freedom was granted due to the external pressure ( his countries secret intervention which he denies). in short, Saudi is not a FUN place to LIVE or WORK, but its a place where you can earn a sum equal to your entire life saving in the US in a few years working in KSA.

  9. Deidre O'Connell Koehler says:

    So horribly sad. How can I help him?

  10. Jo says:

    All politicians are cunts. They didn’t give a shit about these guys till they had to. Fuck you governments of the world. I am my own ruler and I’ll do whatever the fuck I like whether it’s legal or not. We’re coming for you.

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