Last Hippie Standing

Last Hippie Standing

6.91/10 based on 11 votes

Redefining social norms the early Hippies of the 60’s sowed the seed of Goa Trance Dance from which has mushroomed this amazing vibe of Oneness enveloping the entire planet now. This is a beautiful documentary on the Goan Hippie Heaven Era and what has become of it today.

Last Hippie Standing is a video clip style portrait about the hippie generation. Thirty years ago, this was a movement which came to Goa to find something they couldn’t find at home. Many returned, a few stayed. Goa, the hippie paradise of the 60’s is our point where we start to search for “the last hippies”. This former Portuguese colony in the south of India was for many the final destination after adventurous travels through Greece, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Dreamlike untouched beaches promised to be a new holy land, which was also the spritual basis for Alex Garland’s novel “The Beach”.

Director/Writer: Marcus Robbin. Broadcast 2002.

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6.91/10 (11 votes)

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4 responses to “Last Hippie Standing”

  1. K says:

    Poorly assembled and unfocussed as a film, and very unflattering of the movement.

    • A says:

      Be happy that you where able to see it for free then. Where are your own masterpieces? I think you are just another one of these couch potatoes who have an opinion to everything.

  2. Shiva says:

    @K : Hello K. Unfocussed. Unflattering. Poorly assembled.

    It’s pretty clear that when an individual disrespects quality work like this, he/she has pending issues of approval that in turn go back to Mommy or Daddy’s approval and attention!

    Only critics, unfulfilled individuals or attention seekers who have something to prove would badmouth a film that gives me such an incisive insight into an era I could know possibly nothing about either by reading books or by assembling and watching footage from old video archives.

    All 3 adjectives you used have a negative connotation. It’s kinda like the thing a disapproving father says to his child. So the child resorts to hating the whole world around him to get attention so he can prove his worth. See, that’s how haters and critics are born.

    Now you might choose to argue that everybody is entitled to their own personal opinions. To which I will say – That argument works both ways! Because you have an opinion about this movie, I have an opinion based on your opinion. If you wanna refute it, welcome. If not…

    1) Stop Hating.
    2) Understand, that when the creators made this film, Loved it and saw it fit to release it (for free no less!), they didn’t seek anyone’s approval, least of all, Yours!

    P.S. Talk to Daddy! :(

  3. Truth says:

    It’s funny how the term ‘Hippy’ has such a large array of meanings. For the feds it was a derogatory term. For the people who willingly embraced the label it was an identity to be proud of…

    … To my generation it simply refers to a greedy over-class of baby boomers who had everything their way and even got ‘free love’ thrown into the mix in a pre-HIV world.

    Fuckin’ assholes.

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