My Son the Pornographer

My Son the Pornographer

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When Art Holbrook first found out that his stepson was making pornographic films, he was disgusted by it. Having come from an extremely religious conservative family with strong moral values, he found it hard to believe that his son would engage in such an activity. According to the son, he was led to it because he’s a wanderer and he’s willing to take whatever job is available. However, Kole is quick to admit that he always secretly wanted to work in porn.

Kole Kerr grew up feeling emotionally disconnected from his family. He was never able to feel a deep sense of belonging. His stepfather entered his life at the age of 4 and that’s the man he considers to be his dad.

Holbrook grew up with an overly stern dad who was very judgmental. When he met Kole and his sister, he was very conscious of wanting to father them differently than he had been fathered. Although his relationship with their mother was short, he made it a point to continue to stay in touch with the kids, even having Kole live with him some of the time.

As an adult, Kole revealed to his stepdad that he had been sexually abused by an older man when he was still a boy. Art Holbrook then understood why Kole had been such a sad child. He immediately began to investigate whether there was some connection between the sexual abuse and Kole’s involvement in pornography. In an attempt to help his child heal, Art embarked on a journey to Prague, where Kole currently spends most of his time.

Ironically, Kole claims that he doesn’t even like porn. He goes on to say that he doesn’t appreciate people who buy porn neither the people who play the parts, but what he does like is a good story.

During their conversation, Kole reveals his discomfort at the fact that his stepdad practically abandoned him for 15 years and only showed up because he heard Kole was working in the porn industry.

Holbrook is visibly uncomfortable as he sits through Kole’s filming of a porn movie and listens in as the stars receive instructions on how to undress in a way that most teases the viewer. He watches his son interact with the naked actresses and he goes red in the face with embarrassment as he listens to them tell the story of how they got into pornography.

Will Art Holbrook change his mind about pornography after doing this documentary? Watch it now to find out.

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8.57/10 (14 votes)

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