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Nobody expected the next big global shared experience to be such a negative one. It has been a challenging and sad time for many, as most of us have had to deal with the loss of people we know or love. This situation has caused the majority to stop, rethink choices, and reinvent lives in order to continue to thrive and not merely survive.

Many extremists embraced the opportunity to fall into the fire and brimstone condemning rhetoric while others saw it as bad karma being handed down on a massive scale. Instead of offering comfort to those who were suffering, many started pointing fingers. They soberly argued that humans were to blame for hurting nature and were now being punished.

The world as we knew it changed and we were not prepared to deal with the suddenness of it. Economic turmoil, fear, and uncertainty have somehow taken over. By August 2020 over 800,000 people had lost their lives to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The way different people experienced the lockdown had a lot to do with socio-economical status; those who had grown accustomed to living from paycheck to paycheck suffered the most, as thousands of jobs were lost and many services simply were no longer required.

When hospitals got full beyond their capacity, many people feared that if they were to get sick, help wouldn’t be available for them. Many wondered what became of people suffering from other diseases that were not necessarily COVID-19?

There was a lot of contradictory information and blatant lies being spread on the news from sources that many had learned to trust. There was a point at which people did not know which reports, if any, could be trusted as conspiracy theories flooded social media.

In April 2020, a conversation started among a group of friends located all over the world. The intention was to make sense of what was going on. This film captures their fears, their hopes, and the lessons COVID-19 taught them. Watch it now.

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Rating: 9.2/10 based on 6 votes

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