Short and Male

Short and Male

55 minutes 2008 8.48/10 based on 21 votes

A short guy who’s sensitive is in deep sh*t. The average person doesn’t understand the transformation that a short guy has to go through in order to live his life in a proper fulfilling way.

Most short-statured people are just resigned to their fate of second or third class citizenship. You may be ignored, you may be dismissed, you may get less respect if you get any respect at all, you may get less courtesy if you get any courtesy at all.

It turns out that how important height is to a woman as a function of where she is in her menstrual cycle. So depending on whether she is at the maximal point of her fertility or not, she will be more or less attracted to tall men.

Short and male is a documentary that explores the problems of short men like Tim Burton. He is “short, horny and pissed”.

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8.48/10 (21 votes)

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6 responses to “Short and Male”

  1. Documentary Critic says:

    I bet the fact that they looked more like pushovers convinced the women to pick someone else rather than their size. You can be small and awesome easily! it’s pretty easy to understand why most people aren’t interested in them when they look so insecure all the time.

  2. Yes says:

    It only matters to some women. My boyfriend is 5’3″ and I prefer it over a “tall” man because I myself am only 5’0″. The reason why I don’t mind is because he doesn’t make a big deal about his height. There’s nothing worse than a man with napoleon complex.

  3. Emily says:

    I would never date a man shorter than 5′ 6″. That’s just sad. And if you are more than half a foot shorter than me it’s super awkward for dating/romance/sex/intimacy stuff.

  4. bop says:

    hey im only 5 7and im fine with tht..height only matters if you make it matter

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