What is Kung Fu?

What is Kung Fu?

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This short documentary film explores the diversity that is found within the Chinese martial art of Kung Fu. Seven practitioners and masters were interviewed for the film and each one described what the art means to him or her personally.  The stories are all different yet every single one expressed a deep level of passion, gratitude, and respect for the art and all that it entails.

Practicing Kung Fu transforms you into a totally different person. It’s not only about learning how to defend yourself but also learning how to push your own limits. This allows you to develop a mindset that makes you aware of what your body needs from you and aware of when you need to defend yourself.

A lot of people have the misconception that when a person takes Kung Fu classes, he or she is immediately going to want to go out and practice beating up on everybody. However, that’s not the way it works at all. Kung Fu is about acquiring specific skills through time and a lot of hard work, but also about knowing how to control yourself instead of acting impulsively from the space of violence.

There is documented evidence of people who have reversed life-threatening diseases and terminal illnesses through the practice of Kung Fu. The discipline conveys the fact that one is capable of achieving anything once the heart, mind, and soul are deeply committed to obtaining positive results.

One of Kung Fu’s most important lessons has to do with the importance of seeking balance and peace within one’s self in order to be able to reflect it on the outside in real life.

Many practitioners are quick to attest that this art rescued them from a life that would have otherwise gone wrong. They remember fondly the very first time they were introduced to the art and how it felt to no longer be a slave to circumstances. The good news is that Kung Fu can be practiced and enjoyed at all ages. Watch this beautiful film now.

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8.33/10 (6 votes)

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