SSEX BBOX: Sexuality Out of the Box

SSEX BBOX: Sexuality Out of the Box - Episode 5

14 minutes 2012 7.9/10 based on 148 votes

Episode 5 – Gender

This is part 5 in the SSEX BBOX SERIES. This time, we’re talking about GENDER. Enjoy!

Episode 5 examines the various sexes – and whether there are more than just two. Gender roles, identity, sexual orientation: it is all up for grabs in this take-no-prisoners and leave no stone unturned exploration of human sexuality.

The documentary discusses the male, female, and ‘other’ identity in 21st Century culture. One area where gender is always an issue is in certain languages, such as French, where everything is described as being ‘female’ or ‘male.’ Many Latin languages do not use neutral pronouns. Let’s talk and see where we go…

GD Star Rating
Rating: 7.9/10 based on 148 votes

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