The Hunt for Hitler’s Scientists

The Hunt for Hitler’s Scientists

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In the closing months of World War II, defeat was imminent for the Germans. The invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944 – D-Day – opened a second Allied front, and the Allies began overtaking a host of German positions; Paris was liberated on August 25; Romania and Bulgaria surrendered in quick succession.

But the Nazis did not intend to go down without a fight – and without inflicting as much damage as possible on the Allies. To do so, they planned to employ an increasingly deadly array of military weapons – from ballistic missiles to rocket planes to, perhaps, the atomic bomb.

Allied agents focused their efforts on three key Nazi technologies:The V-2 Rocket, The Messerschmitt 163 Komet, The Atomic Bomb.

Released in 2002. TV documentary, from the series Revealed.

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7.11/10 (9 votes)

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2 responses to “The Hunt for Hitler’s Scientists”

  1. Soorya says:

    fantastic documentary.Thanks

  2. craig says:

    so germany invented everything,,,,allies stole it all and said hitler was mad.even thou his goverment created the world we have today,we were no better then the germans

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