The Second World War in Colour

The Second World War in Colour

148 minutes 7.79/10 based on 24 votes

The Second World War in Colour documents World War 2 as the troops saw it – in full colour. This three-hour digitally remastered video presents a rarely-seen picture of the war.

The documentary includes colour footage of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, D-Day, a B-17 bombing raid over Germany, the Allied advance into France and Italy, the liberation of Dachau, and much more.

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7.79/10 (24 votes)

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One response to “The Second World War in Colour”

  1. Cam says:

    Hahahahaha I saw a Foo Figher (UFO) in this footage when they’re invading Normandy! Totally circular craft definitely not a plane just hovering there

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