The Panama Deception

The Panama Deception

92 minutes 8.58/10 based on 12 votes

The Panama Deception documents the untold story of the December 1989 U.S. invasion of Panama; the events which led to it; the excessive force used; the enormity of the death and destruction; and the devastating aftermath. The Panama Deception uncovers the real reasons for this internationally condemned attack, presenting a view of the invasion which widely differs from that portrayed by the U.S. media and exposes how the U.S. government and the mainstream media suppressed information about this foreign policy disaster.

The Panama Deception includes never before seen footage of the invasion and its aftermath, as well as interviews with both invasion proponents like Gen. Maxwell Thurman, Panamanian President Endara and Pentagon spokesperson Pete Williams, and opponents like U.S. Representative Charles Rangel (D-NY.), Panamanian human rights workers Olga Mejia and Isabel Corro and former Panamanian diplomat Humberto Brown. Network news clips and media critics contribute to a staggering analysis of media control and self censorship relevant to any news coverage today, particularly during times of war.

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8.58/10 (12 votes)

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17 responses to “The Panama Deception”

  1. AJ says:

    America is Doomed. America will regret all the suffering and pain it is causing innocent people in Iraq, Panama, Afghanistan…etc
    I hate The American Government!!!

    • John Rigas says:

      You are an ignorant communist ,because of AMERICA Iraqis are free from SADDAM and AFGHANIES have most of there country back from the taliban thanks to our soldiers u un-educated COMMY and NORIEGA was BRINGING 70% ofthe COCAINE in AMERICA u WANT TO POISON OUR KIDS WITH DOPE ,WELL THATS WHY went and busted his DRUG DEALING ASS!!! now GO SUCK pUTINS BALLS! ANYWAY NOW WITH THE DONALD BECOMING PRESIDENT WE WILL WIPE OUT U ARABS AND COMMIES AND AMERICA IS GODS COUNTRY!!!

  2. natts says:

    This film is BS and very anti American … There are so many untruths I wouldn’t know where to start ….

    • Cam says:

      America has a history of doing this kind of thing and so (as an American myself) I’m inclined to disagree with you.

    • SeanQ38 says:

      When I heard the Panamanian civilian say we used laser weapons that cut people in half and cars clean in half I knew this was a bias anti American video. Even worse was the weapon we used that fired poison darts that made people bleed out. I mean come on.

  3. Nerdzilla says:

    Very biased and strongly influenced by ideology.
    A documentary shouldnt be militarist OR pacifist propaganda.

  4. natts says:

    The film does great disservice to the Panamanian and American people who gave there lives to free this country from a brutal drug dealing dictator … The far left ideology displayed in this documentary is sickening, and should be exposed for what it is. Lies

    • Paul says:

      America’s history is one of intervention, genocide, invasion, and occupation in support of the capitalist class. Panama is merely one example of this. The lives of ordinary people don’t matter to America’s power elite, except when they can be used for propaganda purposes. When the truth is told, then the willfully ignorant call documentaries like this biased. The great disservice is done to ordinary people in countries like Panama by the ilk of George Bush or other warmongers.

    • steve says:

      We the united states freed panama!!!!! Give me a break, the only thing we did there is take control of the panama canal, be stole it right under the noises of the panama peopke..I guess you are a believer that a gecko can sell insurence too !!! America is brain washed….

  5. Malfeor says:

    I’m not sure how accurate this documentary is; I will definitely look into it for myself.
    However, the fact that something is “Anti-American” or “Un-American” does not, by itself, mean that it is not worthy of consideration. I am American, but given the stark choice between “Anti-American” and “Anti-Truth”, I will reluctantly choose “Anti-American”.
    Having said that, I’m neither dismissing or accepting this doc at face value. Always verify.

  6. Kate G. says:

    Sad that the TRUTH is un- American open your eyes…

  7. SeanQ38 says:

    To hear in this doc how American boys who were raised on farms and in suburbs were to supposedly dragged civilians out of cars and lined them up and riddled their bodies with bullets. Ran people over with tanks. Its too much. Not to mention civilians say we used laser weapons that cut cars in half. Also weapons that fired poison darts that caused massive bleeding. Its too much Anti American propaganda. I’ll admit to much force was used in urban areas and many died because of it but to say all these atrocities committed by kids who have never even seen a dead body is ridiculous.

    • John Rigas says:


      • SeanQ39 says:

        I agree. Sadly they are simply ignorant of reality and fail to use rational thought. The uneducated in our country speak I’ll of there own people and country. Definitely Hillary voters.

  8. awful_truth says:

    As usual, one can only wonder what is true, and what is not. With that said, I have no reason to distrust the boxer Roberto Duran regarding what he witnessed. In the end, I am left with but one conclusion. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and I am hard pressed to perceive any distinction between the Stalin’s, and Hitler’s of yesteryear with the Bush/ Cheney’s of today. They are all sick individuals who will hopefully answer for their war crimes. (I can dream, can’t I?)
    P.S: Did anyone else notice that Dick Cheney, and Colin Powell were doing the same thing 20 years ago that they are today? Only psychopaths can act like this, and sleep at night.

  9. Hona says:

    The Indian killing American tyrant loves to kill.

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