Married To The Eiffel Tower

Married To The Eiffel Tower

46 minutes 2008 6.31/10 based on 29 votes

This documentary explores the world of three women who are sexually and emotionally attracted to objects. These so-called ‘objectum sexuals’ shy away from contact with other humans in favor of structures large and small. It is the second episode of Strangelove.

Naisho, an American woman, has been lovingly connected with the Golden Gate Bridge, has a fence for a lover in her bedroom, used to be in love with an archery bow, and is now officially married to the Eiffel Tower.

Together with Naisho and the documentary crew, a Swedish woman introduces us to some of her lovers – a guillotine and a fence, and another American woman gives us an insight into her three greatest lovers in this world. A carnival fun ride, a church fence, and the Empire State Building in New York.

It is a journey into the notions of love, tolerance, freedom of choice in our modern world, and a road towards understanding objectophilia better.

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6.31/10 (29 votes)

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14 responses to “Married To The Eiffel Tower”

  1. Rabbit from Space says:

    It may be weird, but I honestly have no beef with people like this. It hurts no one, it might scrape the pain of the fence over time though :P.

    It’s born out of psychological loss towards human beings, it’s evident from the stories Naisho gives. There was another documentary called animal passions which I also saw here the other day, which explained how a small girl was locked up in a basement for a multitude of years. During this time she was exploited by her dad or something, and only had a dog to confide and love. The dog was always between her legs. When she grew up to be an adult, she found out she liked dogs more than her girlfriend, sexually.

    Same deal really, it’s all about psychological damage. It’s really sad, and I hope the people who are effected by this ill can at least like Naisho, find something they actually love!

  2. taffysaur says:

    yeah, man. if it’s not hurting anyone else, fuck it.

  3. n says:

    a bit weird but ok not harming anybody.

  4. reagan says:

    phyco much ?

  5. reagan says:

    and also i dont think people should brush it off, i think its going to far and i wonder if these objects are talking and what they say and if its possible to these objects to “get jeloius” or anything like that i think these people need serious help and possible confinment

  6. Docwhore says:

     It’s documentaries like these which is why I love docs so much. Entertaining, unique, an you learn something new each time. Go watch “My Crazy Obsession” if you want to see more things like this doc.

  7. Eric says:

    What happened to all the good docs?  but I just mean in general. When the last mod left, everything went to poop imo.

    The docs are very rarely as interesting as they used to be, I see soo many Indie docs. That is sometimes a good thing but apparently most the time it isn’t. I can’t quite put my thumb on it, but you can just feel the difference in taste with the new posts.

    We’re still getting a wide variety, it just feels like the caliber of the docs has went down. I am of course only one person….. I just used to look forward to checking this site everfy 3-5days, and now I almost expect not to like any of the docs.

    • DocumentarySTORM -Benjy says:

       Eric, it is ironic that you are posting on this documentary. “Married to the Eiffel Tower” was posted on this site in February, 2011, by the previous moderator. This isn’t a new documentary on the site.

  8. bugameca says:

    Why do they put her away in an institute? Sure she isn’t doing anything wrong but for her own good she should admit herself.

  9. Maxine Godfrey says:

    i like these women — they seem to be very nice, polite, and well-spoken. they are also very gentle and contemplative, almost zen-like. and they are harming no one. the film was able to show the love they each had for their various objects; however, the objects’ reciprocated relationships with the women were non-existent. they all have a great capacity for sexual fantasy, and they are destined to live very satisfying sex lives, with no danger of pregnancy and only a very improbable risk of venereal disease. they are happy, and that is good.

  10. Raven Shakti says:

    I feel these women are amazingly gifted souls. Everything, not just everybody, has it’s own energy. But not everyone has the sensitivity to feel it. They do. They opened their hearts to share something very private, indeed… How about showing them a little courtesy and respect.

  11. Dovidw says:

    lasted up to the marriage ceremony on the Eiffel Tower. My discomfort
    prompted me to think that this must be very similar to what the public
    in Victorian England experienced when they paid to see the lunatics in
    the local Bedlam asylum!. It should be blindingly obvious that these
    women are psychotic i.e. clinically detached from reality. The fact that
    one of them became an archery world champion or the fact that they
    seemingly articulate their “positions” well are not mutually exclusive
    from them being logically/emotionally dysfunctional i.e insane! In all
    similar cases the diagnosis is almost guaranteed childhood psychic
    trauma; the earlier it happens, the more severe the consequences. Also I
    believe that a trauma itself can be a significant trigger for true
    creativity, a catharsis; but when this creative drive is expressed in
    fields which demand much public adulation, this invariably also has
    tragic outcomes.

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