India Untouched

India Untouched

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‘India Untouched – Stories of a People Apart’ is a comprehensive look at untouchability. Director Stalin spent four years traveling the length and breadth of the country to expose the continued oppression of Dalits, ‘the broken people’, who suffer under a 4,000-year-old religious system.

It exposes the continuation of caste practices and untouchability in Sikhism, Christianity and Islam, and even amongst the Communists in Kerala. Dalits themselves are not let off the hook. Spanning eight states and four religions,’India Untouched’ will make it impossible for anyone to deny that untouchability continues to be practiced in India. In an age where the media projects only one image of “rising” or “poised” India, this film reminds us how far the country is from being an equal society. Traveling through eight states and four religions, this film is a serious exploration of caste oppression.

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9.18/10 (93 votes)

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17 responses to “India Untouched”

  1. bodilberser says:

    It is a baseless documentary and the sole purpose of this documentary is to spread lies and more lies about the India and Indian society. The documentary maker is a fanatic christian fundamentalists and the documentary’s production was funded by Christian organization with the sole purpose of spreading lies about Hinduism.

  2. Waleed says:

    This is not a documentary but a propadana video produced by the Christian right. I am a muslim from Pakistan and I have many disagreements with India, but I would have to say that this film is not factual at all.

    I understand that tourism is very big in India and something like this would be headline news across the world if it were true.

    I’m not sure how these Christian fundamentalists make such propadanda videos and try to masquerade them as documentaries. They are simply not believable.

  3. Invictus11 says:

    There is no lie in this Documentary, but these are isolated cases. You can never take out caste ism from Indian society> It will be their no matter how much India racism in USA it will always be there as a undercurrent. But putting these things together and portraying this as a true and complete reflection of Indian society is a deceitful act.

  4. Sonya says:

    This is not a documentary. This is a propaganda advert by american christians. They have killed off or displaced most Jews, they have opressed most Muslims, now they are after the Hindus.

  5. Danielle says:

    This is an excellent documentary! I highly suggest it. Please don’t be swayed away from watching it by some of these insensitive comments here. Through willfully ignoring the existence of present day injustices or saying that they will always be there and there is no point discussing them, we are collectively perpetuating them.
    Here’s a April 7 2011 article that displays a recent, disturbing example of caste prejudice.
    Those of you that are saying this is funded by fundamentalist Christians, where is your proof?

  6. will says:

    Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that everything has the potential of being the truth and a lie. Saying that this is all propaganda is discounting all of it. I believe some of it is true and some could be a lie.
    I want to know how you will get polluted from touching someone?
    Every human being should wash. It seems that all the other castes need the lower caste.
    Me personally, I cherish the things I need or i will loose the luxury.
    Everyone is important in society.
    Brainwashing at a young age is the problem.

  7. udaybeer singh bauddha says:

    excellent effort,I will spread it in rural and urban area ,

  8. rishika sahoo says:

    these are the reality of HINDU society.though i believe in hinduism but for cast i hate those who today also playing with a big mass lifes………….. its an shame for all…………

    • Sambit Mishra says:

      Please don’t go against the Hindus, go against the idea. It is the idea which has spread into all the other religions too (evident in the documentary). Every religion has its flaws and strengths.

  9. bulla51 says:

    It was most scientific and practical at the time it was made and people were not divided based on caste as is propagated by west without having any knowledge.It was a division of professions,which they call specialisation, along which division of society was made,which is being called by ignorant people as Hindu’s cast system.There have never been any society not divided,categorised on some basis/lines.Brahmins though at the highest order of the division ,were the poorest of all and so even today(teachers) and were to live on donations.In an era of lack of proper hygiene/sanitary systems what these so called genius blaming that system have got to explain when condemning this division.Of course it lead to a part of the society undergo systemic deprivations and hardships but they perhaps were in those occupations which could be because of their situation,level of competence.But can any one claim that in other societies there were no opressions and people were not victimised.I am sure that it would have gradually vanished over the period had the structure of society not been invaded by barbarians ,first by muslims and then europeans for ceturies.

  10. Rhythima Shinde says:

    Mr. Stalin K, or whatever, you say you travelled four year. And you saw just this? Which goggles were you wearing? Cz I am a dalit, of India. And I have education from the best institute of India and I am an engineer, proceeding for further education. I go pubs, movies and I Study too with person from every religion and every caste. So, Stop the bullshit propoganda! Yes. there is untouchability at some places, I accept. But we are a nation and we are still “developing” – a term which you guys have coined us. So let us develop and stop claiming that we are far from equality! Man, we have much more brotherhood than what you guys would have even thought of or dreamed of acheiving. Don’t a developed coutry like USA still differentiates between a black and a white too – somewhere down they do. And it is okay! So thank you for coming and polluting our country with your thoughts – this is a video you should have a look at – !

    • dan says:


      go to the interior parts of country. or even the metropolitan cities in India. Still the caste system is existing among people. one month back one young boy was killed in chennai because he loves a upper caste girl.

      and caste based politics in Karnataka,uttar pradesh are real examples.

      21-year-old Hardik Patel, who was leading the Patel rally for reservation, was briefly detained even as the mob resorted to violence in the city


  11. fatbastard_2012 says:

    Indian society with its caste system is as filthy and polluted as the Ganges. The denial of the discriminatory practices there is very reminiscent of the United States of AmeriKKKa, as well as what goes on in Europe and Australia. I hope the Dalits ban together and throw the entire society into such an upheaval that the whole world is changed by it.

  12. Rittik Deb says:

    Such an eye opener

  13. parthiban parumal says:

    Really good documentary, Too show how Hindusam play the role in India.

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