A Killer Whale Called Luna

A Killer Whale Called Luna

25 minutes 8.14/10 based on 44 votes

A Killer Whale Called Luna, alternatively titled “Saving Luna” and “The Whale,” is the emotional story of one young killer whale’s quest for companionship after he was separated from his family. Luna was just two years old when, alone and confused, he found himself on the rugged, wild coast of Vancouver Island.

Following his tumultuous life, the film records the human friendships he developed and the trouble this led him into. From death threats to numerous capture attempts by the government, the film-makers watched as people tried to determine his fate.

Luna shows us how quickly our lives can once again cross with the natural world.

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8.14/10 (44 votes)

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15 responses to “A Killer Whale Called Luna”

  1. Roy says:

    The most amazing thing about this amazing documentary is how the breakdown of the journalist’s objectivity mirrors the main thrust of the story itself about the disintegration of the boundary which divides man from animal. Whenever a fundamental rule of a craft, in this case the rule of objective journalism, is broken with such spectacular success and deep meaning, you know you are seeing a work of genius.

    Many thanks to the person who uploaded this beautiful documentary.

    • Sheila Kind says:

      I had the pleasure of seeing Luna myself on a trip to Friendly Cove on the west side of Vancouver Island. I watched as he partially launched himself onto a small boat and someone took a big brush and stroked him with it. He seemed to enjoy it immensely although I couldn’t help but feel sad for him. In some ways what happened to him after that seems almost a mercy since his story was bound not to end well in any regard.

  2. reagan says:

    this is really a great doco ,made alittle upset and angry but was very touching and made me relise how dangerous we really are as humans

  3. scott says:

    What a unique doc! It explores and reveals the relationship between humans and animals unlike any other documentary I have seen. If you think humans are the only sentient beings on this planet, please watch this video. I shudder when I think of all that we might have learned from Luna had we sincerely made the effort…Thanks for uploading this–it was an hour well spent!

  4. VideoEyes says:

    The wild should remain in the wild,if there’s any left,Thx 4 this Great Docu….^V^!

  5. Denise says:

    I live in BC and this documentary answered my many questions about Luna. Of course because the death of Luna did not make anyone money, we did not hear about it.

  6. Zero says:

    It’s amazing how he can find food and still have enough time to play with humans

  7. Isabella says:

    I always cry when I see this. Very emotional documentary. Could be my favourite.

  8. Silverfox says:

    Just seen this for the first time, not often a documentary stops me in my tracks like this one. Tearful and educational. How much we need to learn about the creatures who share our space.

  9. monica says:

    I watched this documentary about a beautiful whale called Luna, as humans we teached our childrend that bullying is wrong and when i saw what this whale went though is all what humans did it was wrong and sad and not human at all, from the beginning i feel the people who found her explored her as well and made it a huge media target towards a animal who only was showing Love.

  10. Michelle Lokelani says:

    Beautiful documentary, very emotional. This is probably one of the best stories of Friendship and will forever stick with me. I fell in love with Luna, only wish I had the pleasure of getting to know him.

  11. Gavlar says:

    It want play in my country why not has anyone got the link to watch

  12. chris says:

    Just watched this amazing documentary and there are many lessons to take away from it. This was a tragic ending but hopefully luna can inspire all of us to treat all animals and nature with love, dignity and respect.. We should always be advocates for nature that shows us unconditional love. It’s unfortunate that his life didn’t have a different outcome but will it definitely make a profound impact on how I view nature and any life form that isn’t only located one’s backyard. This documentary should be used as a teaching method in schools. Adults are not the only ones that can benefit from Luna’s life.

  13. Elizabeth AA says:

    The natural world is reaching out to us, and we have much to learn from the lessons of individuals like Luna. Thank you to the film makers for this beautiful message of hope and love. Thank you Luna!

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