Hofmann’s Potion

Hofmann’s Potion

The Pioneers of LSD

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In the late 1930s, while the world was being ravaged by war, a Swiss chemist by the name of Albert Hofmann developed a substance that had a huge impact on the way science viewed the human mind. About five years later, while searching for a cure for migraine headaches at the Sandoz Pharmaceuticals lab where he worked, Albert Hofmann inadvertently ingested a very small amount of this substance, intoxicating himself. The substance was named Lysergic Acid Diethylamide or LSD-25 for short. The sensation that LSD caused in Hofmann was so positive that he described it as a rebirth. At the time, Dr. Hofmann had absolutely no idea how revolutionary his discovery would become.

After reporting the amazing effects he experienced, tiny vials of LSD were then shipped to hospitals and psychiatric units throughout the industrialized world. Medical professionals were urged to experiment with the substance during treatment. At the time it was being spoken of as an antidote for the atomic bomb. According to some, LSD helps us to understand the enormous potential of our mind. It allows us to experience our existence in a different way; one suddenly becomes aware of textures and colors.

By the mid 1950s LSD studies were showing up in medical journals all over the world. It showed a lot of success in the treatment of alcoholism, drug addiction, and other mental illnesses. Some mental health professionals even began taking controlled doses of LSD in order to empathize with their schizophrenic patients and get clues regarding how to better treat them.

A decade later, LSD had become a household word. However, it also became synonymous with the counter-culture and was blamed for the uproar caused by the Civil Rights Movement, the Women’s Movement, and the Ecology Movement. As a result, LSD was banned in the US and other countries were urged to do the same. This created a situation in which LSD became available for unbridled consumption on the black market while legitimate researchers were, and continue to be, barred from using it for scientific studies.

The documentary features interviews with a few LSD pioneers, beautiful music, and stunning footage that might cause you to ask serious questions regarding all the negative press that this substance has received during the last few decades. Watch this film now.

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7.45/10 (49 votes)

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6 responses to “Hofmann’s Potion”

  1. Michael Hudson says:

    Wow! A documentary of worth! Thank you. Words can not express my joy and wonder over this well produced documentary. So I won’t go into any critical verbiage about it! Well done!

  2. GoAskAlice says:

    wonderful! <3 May we all grow wise x

  3. Space_Cadet_1952 says:

    Three buttoned tee shirt
    It’s a Tai dye
    Cool in the Kaftan
    Love and peace, man

  4. paramare says:

    Excellent docunetary. A very powerful experience would be to take LSD and sit and hear Humphry Osmond telling stories.

  5. awful_truth says:

    You know, this was a really good documentary, simply because it gave an accurate representation on psychedelics based upon experience, as opposed to dogma. When I was much younger, I also tried LSD, and magic mushrooms, and had great experiences under their influence. I have not done them in decades, and felt no need since I have already gleaned from them that which mattered most.
    (a spiritual awakening by self confirmation)
    I have never met anyone who regretted experimenting with these drugs, but then again, we all came back from the ‘rabbit hole’ more enlightened, and a little wiser. I have no doubt that certain personality types should avoid these experiences, and most of those people know who they are,(closed minded, and fearful) which is why they were never curious enough to attempt the adventure to begin with. As with most things in life, ‘above all else, know thy self!

  6. gugu says:


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