My Penis and Everyone Else’s

My Penis and Everyone Else’s

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7.53/10 (81 votes)

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16 responses to “My Penis and Everyone Else’s”

  1. Meg says:

    After watching this movie, I’m embarrassed to be among such cruel females. Size doesn’t make the man.

    • allison says:

      you’ve never had good sex av yoo

      • sigh says:

        thats is and extremely sexist comment.i man size does not determine whether he is a good sexual partner or not

        • Veronica says:

          actually, it kind of does. if you’re super into the feeling of a huge one, a little one won’t satisfy you. and, if you can’t even tell if it’s in or not…

  2. Me says:

    Good sex isn’t about big penises or not. I realized that the guys with big..or larger than average size seem to think that sex is all about penetration. In and out and well…finished. Like that’s all a woman need for sex. Guys with smaller sizes tend to, if they’re good in bed obviously, do more foreplay and concentrate more on what you want and if its pleasurable.

  3. me. says:

    Based on my own personal experiences, size is not the most important thing in the world. Surprisingly, I find that guys with average size penises are better in bed. In fact, the worst and most awkward sexual experiences I’ve had have been with guys who had really large penises. They can’t keep it up as long and it doesn’t feel as good. Plus, guys with big dicks don’t think they have to try as hard so the sex isn’t as good. Remember, the g-spot for women is about 5 inches up, so anything past that is really not that important. However, I’ll admit, girth is always a good thing…

  4. Maestra Sierra says:

    Men ought to get it in their heads that anything larger than six to seven inches will hurt a woman, especially if she has a really short vagina (like I do). I may be mainly of European origin (Spanish ancestry)…but my vagina is very much like that of a Asian woman (thanks due in part of my Asian/tribal ancestry from my mother side) it is very short and tight. Men with really large penises need to work extra hard not to hurt me… which is I tend to hope the guy is average or smaller. Why do they obsess so much with larger d!cks knowing that they aren’t pleasurable at all. Seriously, they think womens’ vaginas are some big endless black holes with no end wall called a cervix. >_> They need to grow up and start researching on womens’ bodies before going out.

    I agree with a previous commenter… men with smaller d!cks can be much better lovers because they focus also on other parts…many of them know that women are more than just their vaginas. I personally had gotten more orgasms from having my back rubbed and sucked on, than penetration from a penis. A mans’ masculinity should definitely not be measured by the size of his penis but the size of his intelligence and ingenuity. Any man who isn’t gifted with his hands and mouth isn’t worth my time.

  5. lauren says:

    i think this could sort of be compared to womens insecurities about their breasts, like if a dude is only about the humongous boobs and you happen to be endowed with a small rack?

    its sort of depressing how hung up people are these days about their bodies, as if theyre a direct reflection of who they are, and that a perfect physical body will somehow bring you happiness. also, making love/sex is about so much more than two perfect bodies going at it like olympian & banshee-loud multiple orgasms. i wish more people would just love and accept themselves/each other as they are, and make this hollywood cookie cutter idea of what beauty is take a damn hike.

  6. oh, guys says:

    OK, guys. Listen very carefully, pleas.

    It does matter how big it is, but also it doesn’t matter. There’s a reason for different sizes.

    I must say, my BF is on the average side. Once he mentioned, his ex girlfriend had pains, ’cause he was to big. To me, sometimes he’s just right, sometimes to small, sometimes it hurts too. Because elasticity of female parts are streched differently, depending on the time of the menstrual cycle.

    I’ve been with a really small guy once. It’s was like there’s nothing in me. But also he generally sucked at sex. And trust me, I feel bad for him, for not knowing how the get the buissiness on, not about his size. Because there’s a girl out there, just right for his size.

    My ex was pretty big one. And it hurt more times than it was pleasurable to have sex. We ended up having almost no sex, because it was to painful for me.

    So, average size is just the right size for most women. Get it? Maybe try some caressing, tongue, fingers, and other fun stuff, while putting it in and out. The girl will talk about amazing sex and not the size. Trust me. That’s what we remember in the end. Who was interesting in bed and who not. We forget the size eventually. But good sex, there’s where legends start and we might over exaturate about the size as a result of it.

  7. 52joan says:

    agree with all these LADIES!
    The manner & the motion
    are more important!

  8. Aguibou says:

    EXCELLENT DOCUMENTARY!! fucking love it

  9. Penis size is like vagina size, too big too small, seriously if they match, good, if they don’t then bad luck, otherwise its like having sex with a wet bucket

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