The Last Storm

The Last Storm

21 minutes 2018 8.81/10 based on 16 votes

What do you do when you’ve been diagnosed with cancer and find out you only have a few more months to live? Well, it’s really up to you.  You can either sink into depression and die faster, or you can grab your bucket list, get out there, and begin to enjoy your last days.

At 60, Mark was diagnosed with lung cancer and given very little hope. He already was a storm chaser and refused to let cancer change him and take that away. So he set out with a friend’s nephew across the Midwest in search of a tornado. This could be his very last storm.

Mark was happy to admit that the cancer diagnosis made him braver. And so it was that in spite of the hail storm strong enough to break the car’s rear windshield, he and his companions pressed on.

The rewards were more than they could have imagined. Watch this beautiful film now.

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8.81/10 (16 votes)

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