The Mormons

The Mormons - Episode 2

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5.42/10 (12 votes)

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7 responses to “The Mormons”

  1. dogbone says:

    “The Mormons” documentary is a one sided look at this religion from its inception to current day. No real in-depth discussion about the controversies around Joseph Smith and how the book was written, as well as why the early Mormons were persecuted so viciously. In short, The Mormons is just bible thumping.

  2. Kusi says:


  3. Kusi says:


  4. Owen Zappa says:

    “The English in which Smith dictated it is not the English of his own
    time (1830) but the English of more than two centuries earlier. As Mark
    Twain cuttingly observed, if you remove all occurrences of “It came to
    pass” the book would be reduced to a pamphlet. The language in which it
    is written proclaims it to be a palpable fake – as if Smith’s
    cock-and-bull story of golden plates hadn’t already given the game away.
    Smith obviously was steeped in the King James Bible, and he made up a
    whole new set of “scriptures” in the same style of English.”

    Dawkins wins.

  5. rorry says:

    Damn… Mormons are even trying to knock at your door after you die. Thats some really annoying peeps.

  6. Alza Mansfield says:

    false religion created by convicted con-artist Joseph Smith

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