The Silk Road

The Silk Road - Episode 3

50 minutes 7.30/10 based on 27 votes

The Art Gallery in the Desert

The Art Gallery in the Desert. Focuses on the famous Mogao caves at Dunhuang, which are indeed an art gallery of Buddhist art spanning centuries. Excellent closeups and sufficient analysis in a clear fashion to give some appreciation for the imagery and the changes in artistic style, reflecting the cultural exchange that took place on the Silk Road.

It would have been valuable to have had more information on the treasure trove of manuscripts that the famous explorer Aurel Stein acquired at Dunhuang early in this century and took off to the British Library, although in several places the series shows photographs of what he discovered and items from other museum collections.

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7.30/10 (27 votes)

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3 responses to “The Silk Road”

  1. zarko says:

    WOW!! this documentaru i watched when i was a child with macedonian translation on (then) state TV. ITS GREAT!! maiby it will look old now but the documnetrau worthe every minute of your time!! RECOMEND

  2. Jim says:

    This is quite wonderful. I can remember watching as a young man in Scotland and being spellbound. It has lost none of its magic. A masterpiece.

  3. wmac says:

    I also watched it as a kid. Kitaro’s silk road music still brings me to dreams…. I loved the series then…

    This series used to be played in Iran (with Persian translation)…

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