Cops and Robbers

Cops and Robbers

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Some people don’t believe in second chances. They believe that everything you’ve done in the past should haunt you for the rest of your life. They don’t believe that people can change for the better.

Corey Pegues grew up with a very bad prognosis. Everybody expected him to be either dead or in jail at an early age. His father left the family when he was still young and they were forced to go on welfare. They lived in a tiny apartment that was infested with roaches and mice.

As a young teenager he began selling crack along with his friends. Their life had been reduced to spending countless hours on the basketball court and selling drugs. They had no idea how dangerous this lifestyle was. All they knew is that they could make a thousand dollars a day or more and that was enough to keep them interested.

The streets hardened these young boys and the fact that they had money in their pockets made them believe that they were not accountable to anybody because the world was at their feet.

By age seventeen, Corey started working with a major drug operation, making $100,000 a day. His mother had already passed away and he had two children. But he felt invincible in a way because this violent drug organization was backing him up. Then he started seeing people getting beat up and others disappearing, and before he realized what was going on, he was given a gun and told to kill somebody.

That was when Corey realized his life was not going in a direction he could be proud of and so he decided to enter law enforcement. He had been on the side of the bad guys and now he would be on the side of the good guys.

Through it all, Corey Pegues remained true to himself as he steered his life in a more positive direction. He was real and he was sincere and in a sense that’s what made him trustworthy to his community. Corey maintained his uniqueness while he worked on himself to eventually become a high-ranking officer.

But then everything seemed to come crashing down overnight after one interview. Watch this inspiring film now.

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8.00/10 (4 votes)

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