Ground Zero: Syria

Ground Zero: Syria

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In this documentary join Robert King–renowned photojournalist and videographer – as he films from the frontlines with the Free Syrian Army in Aleppo, the country’s largest city. War-zone war ensues and is captured on video. As a result of the non-stop gunfire, a massive fire sweeps through destroying a historic covered market and a World Heritage site known as old Souk of Aleppo. This brought on such disastrous results that the ancient city crumbles and burns while innocent citizens are heartlessly killed.

The atrocities and war crimes can be witnessed vividly inside a field hospital in Aleppo where exhausted medical personnel rush about trying to tend to civilians, members of the Free syrian Army, and captured troops alike. Supplies are low and fear overpowers the population.

Every single day hundreds of men, women, and children risk their lives by standing in line for hours hoping to buy a kilo of bread; just enough for one more day. Many of the bakeries and factories have been destroyed as the Free Syrian Army and Assad’s troops continue to fight. Nevertheless a few brave citizens risk their lives by opening the few remaining bakeries just to make sure the locals can buy something to eat.

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5.27/10 (11 votes)

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3 responses to “Ground Zero: Syria”

  1. Think for yourself says:

    Ground Zero: Syria Is highly
    unprofessional propaganda !!! judgmental doctors!!! Children punished for being
    caught injured by the regime!!! Most of “free” army are not even Syrian !!!! Every
    low life bandit financed by Qatar and Sauds can join the fight!!! Each small country canwitness it’s president murdered and put in freezer just for unwilling to obey
    the world elite!! It happened in Libya!! You are next

  2. miikhaoliver says:

    That was a propaganda in a sense of that word. Obvious cheat. One of the FSLAs dying members was in reality a dead soldier of the Syrian government. And surprise this is made up by an american trash media: Vice.

  3. Peter Jennings says:

    Don’t waste your time with this ‘renowned photojournalist and videographer’ who like the ‘white helmets’ are only interested in reporting the suffering of those who are trapped by these groups of mercenaries. Easy money for a parasites errend boy.

    There’s only one legitimate army in Syria and that is the SAA.

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