The Art of Deception

The Art of Deception

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It was Aldous Huxley who stated in his book Brave New World that “one believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them.” This still rings through, especially in a day and age when we are constantly being bombarded with information and we have no way of proving if any of it is true.

Over the past decade, the documentary genre has become infested with lies and bad jokes. As technology has developed, many websites and apps have made it easy and possible for anyone to live stream or broadcast information, even if the information is based on blatant lies. In an academic institution, any paper that is submitted must have detailed references according to a precise set of university standards. However in a film, basically anything goes and the viewer is really unable to determine if what they’re watching and listening to is actually accurate.

It’s ironic that many childhood stories try to teach kids that they shouldn’t believe everything they hear, yet so many adults are gullible enough to soak up any information that is broadcast.  As an audience, we tend to take everything for granted.  We fail to realize that what the media presents as ‘news’ has been deliberately constructed in a specific way in order to obtain certain results, elicit a specific response in the audience, or benefit a particular group.

The Art of Deception explains the way in which the media manipulates the truth to fit predetermined ideologies.  Those who create news stories know how to use sounds and images with false information to easily deceive an audience.

No matter how much you boast about not being easily deceived, this film is guaranteed to bring up your own vulnerability to lies and maybe then you will have understood what the art of deception is really about. Watch it now.

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7.92/10 (12 votes)

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4 responses to “The Art of Deception”

  1. Juergen Meixner says:

    Nice hint …

    • Juergen Meixner says:

      Regarding the “climate” change …


  2. Wyisit Alwaysme says:

    Did anyone notice this film does exactly what they accuse other documentaries of doing, but without offering any contradictory evidence, just refutation? But maybe that’s the point they are trying to make. People don’t check anything, just swallow it whole.
    Samuel Sida is an actor, not a Climatologist, I checked, same for the others. James Luxford is a film critic, ‘Robert’ Luxford is an actor, same for Nat Landy – actor. ‘Professor’ Tony Burns who appears in the film exists, but it isn’t him in this presentation but Robert Royce Queree who is the ‘Propaganda Expert’.

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