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Michael Ruppert is an independent journalist who has made a minor career out of telling people news that most folks do not want to know.

Ruppert, a former police officer, predicted the Wall Street debacle of 2008 several years before the fact, at a time when most analysts were still imagining infinite growth for the stock market and major investment banks. Since then, his vision of the world’s future has grown only darker.

As Ruppert sees it, civilization and the global economy has yet to wean itself off fossil fuels, and when the world’s supply of oil finally runs out, it will lead to a global financial catastrophe that will leave no one unscathed. But while most of what Ruppert has to say bears the ring of truth, there’s a small audience for his dire message — the primary medium for his work is a self-published newsletter, and his most recent book has done so poorly in the marketplace that he faces eviction from his home.

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7.38/10 (50 votes)

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28 responses to “Collapse”

  1. Phil says:

    There is one form of energy that is “forever” within the time scale of the existence of earth, the sun. Nature has been converting light in to energy for 100s of millions of years. Those who stay close to that system and use it within the rules of nature, will be the only ones to survive this turning point of human kind. Money and greed are useless, and will only lead those who rely on them to fail miserably.

    • Yellowcactus23 says:

      the idea of solar energy is nice, but the logistics of it suck, the chances of solar panels paying for there cost is very low, most likely they will fail before paying of there cost. The sun produces solar energy in every direction, a better option would be to have massive solar panels of some sort close to the sun to obtain more energy, not sure how that would work but….

      • C Goyim Wake says:

        The only thing preventing solar panels from working is the fact that some people can only think in terms of a centralized location collecting energy and then pumping it out to millions of homes. That’s the only way they can charge us for a service. But if every home or structure had a roof covered in solar panels, and a wind turbine back up, this system would – and DOES – provide energy to every single structure requiring electricity. Thousands of homes are now using this sort of system with more than ample energy, free of charge.

  2. M Theory says:

    thought provoking stuff, I actually think it’s one of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen on the subject of peak oil. Well done.

  3. Eric says:

    I’m sorry but, who is this man? I mean, I can obviously read the description and see he has worked as a police officer, but how does that qualify him to speak on this topic?

    I’m just watching some random guy talk about things that he has no expertise in.

    Is he a geologist? I don’t understand, why do I care about his opinion?

    • Toon says:

      In my opinion, one does not need to have a degree in geology or science or anything to say useful things about oil reserves or financial markets. What’s wrong with reading about it, analyzing facts, participating in discussions, forming an ‘educated’ opinion over years, possibly decades. For all I care, this guy is a taxi driver. I listened 80 minutes to what he had got to say. Even if just half of what he says is true, I find it very frightening.

      Also, the fact that in this documentary he doesn’t quote scientists, show graphs or refere to scientific studies doesn’t mean that his words are not scientifically validaded. He sure looks to me a guy that excesively (obsesively even) digs deep into mathers.

      For instance, I’m no geologist, but assume that I read dozens of scientific articles about peak oil, and I conclude that, indeed, we’re running out of oil, then I think I’m ‘qualified’ to speak on this topic.

      Thanks for this website by the way. Very interesting.

  4. Eric says:

    That’s funny I just got to the part where he asks him what his qualifications are to speak on peak oil and such and he basically replies that he has none.

    What he should have done is gathered information from people who are educated in the fields he is referencing and then relayed that information to us like a journalist is supposed to do, not play engineer, geologist, and on and on he has NO expertise.

    I’m not even saying I disagree with the idea of peak oil, I’m just saying that it’s a waste of anyone’s time to even listen to a man with so little credentials.

    • Eric = stupid american says:

      Eric, thanks for teaching me that before I can know how to cook dinner, I will first need to attend the Cordon Bleu cooking school. I hadn’t known that before.

      If you made a documentary about peak oil, your opinion wouldn’t be nearly worthless, it would be completely worthless. This isn’t because you and Ruppert are in the same boat, IE no university degree, it’s because he’s intelligent and you are not. He is able to expound on these subjects because of many hours of research, not because hes a crack pot spouting random gibberish. Now, stop attacking things you were too stupid to bother watching.

    • DarylTJ says:

      “You don’t need a weather man to know which way the wind blows.”
      (Bob Dylan, “Subterranean Homesick Blues”)

  5. matthieu says:

    No credentials doesn’t mean that you cannot observe , think and have instincts on any matters. Then, maybe he’s wrong, maybe he’s right . But the fact that he has no credentials doesn’t mean he cannot have a point of view and expose he’s point of view.
    To me and overall its really interesting and articulate.

    • Eric says:

      You are absolutely right about having the right to your own opinion regardless of credentials or what have you, but my point was that I just don’t value his opinion BEcause he is not even educated in the field he’s discussing.

      It is akin to myself making a video speaking on the issue of peak oil, why would you care to hear what I have to say? I have no expertise. My opinion should be considered almost worthless to the average person outside of my own group of friends. That’s all I was saying.

      If the documentarist had of went out and interviewed people who work within this industry, or geologists who understand the earth or ANYthing of the sort, then I would have continued to watch, but quite frankly, I considered this video a waste of my time being that he could be wrong about so much, after all, he does not hold a degree in this field!

      “Maybe he’s wrong maybe he’s right”, are you willing to take that chance and possibly waste your time? Anyways no hard feelings just my opinion I respect yours as well.

      • Curtom says:

        Eric if it’s any consolation there are other videos from experts in the field that are just now coming to the same conclusion as Michael Ruppert has in this video. I knew it was coming as well as anyone with common sense. No, I am not an geographical engineer but I do know that our current system does not work. There is only so much oil in the ground and so much profit you can make before it all collapses. It’s basic math and accounting coupled with science. On the contrary, you don’t need to be an expert to have common sense enough to understand very simple concepts as Ruppert indicated repeatedly through his documentary.

        • Eric says:

          “Eric if it’s any consolation there are other videos from experts in the field that are just now coming to the same conclusion as Michael Ruppert has in this video. ” Did you even read everything I wrote? “I’m not even saying I disagree with the idea of peak oil”, I just don’t want to listen to a man who has no education in this field, and has provided us with NO evidence to support his claims, i.e. sources, documents or what have you. The videos you are referencing could have possibly been much more worth-while uploads, please send me the links.

          “There is only so much oil in the ground and so much profit you can make before it all collapses. It’s basic math and accounting coupled with science.” Again if you read more carefully you’d have seen I’m not disagreeing with peak oil. Secondly , you’d only need to use a mathematical equation in the case of determining the amount of oil left, and how long that oil might last, not to know the basic fact oil is non-renewable, that one is no biggie though.

          “On the contrary, you don’t need to be an expert to have common sense enough to understand very simple concepts as Ruppert indicated repeatedly through his documentary.” Only a very simple minded person would consider the issues Ruppert is discussing to be “very simple concepts”. “Common sense” is knowing not to stand under a tree in a lightning storm, this is a bit more intricate than that. Is the science of thermo-dynamics also “common sense”? Think before you speak.

      • DarylTJ says:

        “had of went out……” ??? No, it is “had gone out”.
        You have no command of English, yet you expect your views to be taken seriously! As for me, I will choose to listen to Michael Ruppert over you, as he has been right every time AND he knows English.

  6. DeepBlue says:

    Intelligent, prophetic, credible and very very chilling.. this is possibly the most genuinely frightening thing I have ever seen in my life! I’d love to write this guy off as a ‘crazy’ but unfortunately I think he is right on the mark even if his timing is a little out – God help us all!

  7. mommus says:

    One massive ego trip that is based on a few lucky guesses extrapolated out into an assumption of infalliability that Wall Street would be proud of.

    Completely bending the facts to suit his firmly held personal views. Read anything about most of his main points and you’ll see he is ignoring huge parts or in some cases actually making things up.

    If the world had listened to people like this, we would have spent the entire cold war hiding underground eating corned beef while normal people were out living their lives and having fun.

    • mommus says:

      …though I do agree with his comments about living in balance with nature.

    • Coalition says:

      Do a little more research on him or maybe just listen closer and you’ll find he was asked by CIA to smuggle drugs into the country, he disagreed and went into isolationism in which his main/only contact is his PC.

      I’m sure if you moved to the middle of the desert and cut off most contact but with people who understand the fact were getting fucked by the system we’ve supported since child hood, you would roll over a few “huge” in your mind but in reality “minor” details, the man isn’t a super-computer, hes only human and has a limited accessible memory in a single stream of “thought” if that’s how you want to call it, also I’ve not seen a single “made-up” point in this documentary….

      to summarize my point is he may have learned or known more but it just wasn’t right in his mind at the time of the interviews and you gave no evidence of made up material, thus dis-crediting your points.

  8. Doug says:

    To Eric or whomever is so absolutely anal about having degrees,credentials, etc:

    You are obliviously ” book smart” & “common sense” dumb. To indicate that you need a degree or other in order to have a well informed opinion is what is wrong with the higher learning institutions today, I have no degree or college education, hell I didn’t even graduate from high school but without a doubt I could engage you in any topic or matter of your choosing, prepare to be “owned” my friend….

    • mommus says:

      I agree that self-taught people can often have better all-round knowlege than those taught one specific subject (most of which they have probably forgotten soon after graduating)

      But the fact that you believe you could engage a complete stranger on ANY topic of choosing and are telling people to ‘prepare to be owned’ proves that high school and college education at least encourages a little humility.

      • Coalition says:

        Or maybe he meant “Owned” by corporate powers that you will be in debt to for the rest of your life just due to the strive to “better yourself”, I’m sure if you are part of this community you realize that fact.

        But if he did mean “Own’d” then he should probably bring a little more to the table.

  9. Truth, common sense and a sense of purpose. from a man who can live with himself. Obsessed, not really, he knows the ship is going down and wants to deal with it effectively. Without God we can do nothing. It is His planet. You. know, the Guy who created every good thing, spiritual and material. He is going to fix it back up, without time, in eternity.and without the liars. See you there!

  10. DarylTJ says:

    A totally awesome man – everyone should listen to him.

  11. BJD1709 says:

    It has been 10 years of truth telling which is winning the American people en mass. I will check the polls, if they can be believed, on the percentage of Americans who want an impartial world investigation of 911. A March on Washington will indeed, get their attention. Somebody credible and totally loyal to the truth, needs to step up and lead. MLK did it, and the kids did it for the Nam War. We gotta make a move before it is too late. They might have another false flag planned to finish the job of destroying real freedom.

  12. mercdem2 says:

    Ruppert recently did a documentary and in his opinion, this is the worst thing that we took from that book Genesis in the bible: ” …let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.” Such hubris has ruined everything on earth. It has fueled racism and colonialism and the free market and GM foods. The bible has fucked the mind of western man.

  13. ontheedge says:

    very very distubing – but honestly – no surprise – it is not easy to accept – but – honestly – no surprise – try your best to find your way to live – and learn how to survive – it will come

  14. CT says:


  15. miscreantsall says:

    And now it is 2016 and fear and hate is in total control of our species.

    Is it too late?

    Trump’s (Drumpfs) popularity tells me it is too late.

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