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Banana Land

Blood, Bullets, and Poison

It seems like everybody loves bananas. It’s the most consumed fruit in the United States although it’s grown hundreds of miles away.

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How to Win the Loser’s Game

Investing has been described for many years as ‘The Loser’s Game’. In a sense it is, but this documentary featuring Robin Powell promises to show you how to win at this game.

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Bilderberg’$ Club

This film, by Queralt Antu, explores the truth about Bilderberg’s club. David Rockefeller and Price Bernhard of the Netherlands founded this club in 1954.

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Immigrants for Sale

The detention of migrants has become a multi-billion dollar industry in which immigrants are sold to the highest bidder and traded like mere products.

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Pigs are extremely intelligent animals. Much like humans, they have their own personalities, quirks, likes and dislikes. Pigs pick up tricks faster than dogs and can even learn to respond to their names when called.

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War By Other Means

In 1985 ‘Live Aid’ became a symbol of concern and generosity, but a little known fact is that during that year the hungriest countries in Africa gave twice as much money to developed nations than what they received from them.

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Princes of the Yen

Central Banks and the Transformation of the Economy

It’s a little known fact that central banks have the power to create economical, political, and social change. For instance, this film explores how Japanese society was transformed to comply with the needs and desires of a powerful group.

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Park Avenue

Money, Power, and the American Dream

There is one stretch of Park Avenue on the Upper East Side of Manhattan that is the wealthiest neighborhood in New York City.

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VICE on HBO: Season 1

VICE is a documentary TV series that travels the world to uncover some of the most intriguing, often controversial, topics that often go uncovered by the mainstream media.

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Merchants of Cool

This eye-opening documentary brings up a well-known issue that concerns every parent and teacher alive. Millions of teenagers all over the world are falling prey to the attacks of consumerism and the overwhelming desire to be cool and to fit in.

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Generation Like

Are Kids Using Social Media or is Social Media Using Kids?

Everybody wants to be liked. This is especially true for kids growing up in the Age of the Digital Revolution. In this documentary, author Douglas Rushkoff takes a look at how the modern teenager’s quest for identity has shifted towards the Internet.

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Tokyo Girls

In Japan, the local bars and nightclubs hire many different kinds of hostesses. Lured by the excitement of a glamorous lifestyle, a lot of professional women quit their jobs back home and set out in search for a break or an adventure.

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Beer Culture

The trend in the United States is that people are still drinking a whole lot of beer. The good news is that many are discovering that there are other options available besides what is regularly advertised on television.

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There’s No Tomorrow

The modern way of life has become increasingly dependent on fossil fuel, although surprising amounts of people take this fact for granted.

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Sunset Over Selungo

Deep in the jungles of northern Borneo, Malaysia, lies a small village. It’s the last portion of untouched rainforest left in the country.

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The Venus Project: Future By Design

In August of 1974, Dr. Jacque Fresco was a guest on The Larry King Show. Dr. Fresco was then introduced as a social engineer, industrial engineer, designer, inventor, consultant, and copywriter, among numerous other titles.

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Will Work For Free

Life is about survival and the ability to thrive. Because we just never know how long we have on this planet, our job is to persevere and to fight against anything that might threaten that survival.

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Poison Fire

This film by Lars Johansson is about Shell and the Niger Delta, a vast swamp in Nigeria where the River Niger meets the Atlantic Ocean.

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Circus Rosaire

For nine generations the Rosaire family has brought laughter and joy to the world through their work as circus performers. Torn between tradition and the changing world of entertainment, the film documents the family at a crossroads.

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Blood and Oil

The Middle East in World War I

In the spring of 2003, the United States invaded the country of Iraq and removed its dictator, Saddam Hussein from power.

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Spent: Looking for Change

Spent: Looking for Change, a documentary film that was created by a collaboration between American Express and Academy Award-winning filmmaker Davis Guggenheim (An Inconvenient Truth, Waiting for “Superman”), tells the stories about everyday hardworking Americans that are struggling with basic financial challenges.

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The Story of Chef Andy Ricker of Pok Pok Thai Empire

Andy Ricker is quick to point out that he comes from a family of people with addictive personality disorder. He himself has become addicted to a number of things throughout his life, including rock climbing.

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Burzynski: Cancer is Serious Business

This award-winning documentary, originally released in 2010, tells the true story of a medical doctor and PhD biochemist named Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, founder of the Burzynski Research Institute, a bio-pharmaceutical company that is committed to developing cancer treatments based on genomic and epigenomic principles.

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What Would Jesus Buy?

The movie that Santa doesn't want you to see

Very often we are shocked by the magnitude of some of the problems we hear about on the news. Mostly the shock is produced by reports of environmental problems caused by our own greed and total disregard for our planet and the living things that share it with us.

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